EXIFS: DSC-P93A - 7.9 mm - f 5.6 - 1/500 sec - 100 iso  Category: Places,  

Clouds in the water (6)


There are places where we just feel compelled to mix ourselves with everything surrounding us. That brings us into an extraordinary state of balance with nature. And then we feel happy...

  • Amazing how rivers and streams look the same in most parts of the world. That shot, Helder, could easily double for the Connecticut river!
    EMB @ 2005-08-19 16:15:06
  • That inspire calm and eternity.
    manon @ 2005-08-19 16:55:54
  • I almost could call it the mirror of the sky. Just beautiful
    Red Cloud @ 2005-08-20 08:13:45
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