Through the eyes

Through the eyes of Wis­dom, I see a pea­ce­full, colour­full world
Through the eyes of Greed, I see the shape of an hun­gry man
Through the eyes of Hope, I see flowers growing in a dry land
Through the eyes of Rea­son, I see jus­tice and I see pro­gress
Through the eyes of War, I see misery where there should be art
Through the eyes of Music, I see balance in every writ­ten word
Through the eyes of Love, I see the future as it is meant to be

Through your eyes…

Through your eyes I see your heart

And that’s when I find me.

    lingua inglesa poema poesia

    Um comentário em “Through the eyes

    1. Dimka diz:

      I really like your sttaue of Jesus! It looks great I also like the way you’ve made it stand over everything in the kit­chen, just like the real one stands over everything in Brazil:-)And to Oona, I can unders­tand why you’re anxi­ous today. I really hope everything will be ok with your results. Take care

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