Perceptions, 2006

Seve­ral years ago I tried my first blog. It was in por­tu­guese and was, basi­cally, a poli­ti­cal blog. Then, the John Len­non Forum got all my atten­tion in terms of inter­net time and the blog even­tu­ally died!

Late last year, I star­ted a new blog (also in por­tu­guese). For seve­ral rea­sons, I never gave it the atten­tion it nee­ded to really deve­lop into a seri­ous web­site. Now that I deci­ded to blog again, I want to try it in english. It won’t be easy, but let’s just say that the audi­ence is a bit larger.

Let’s blog, shall we?

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One Response to Perceptions, 2006

  1. Manel

    Yes sir, a very good idea in deed! A weblog in english. But shall you get the desi­red feed back? Well, I wish you good luck in all your blog pur­po­ses. Break a leg!
    P.S.: new motivation?

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